When should we meet?

I talked to a couple people today that said, “Gee, I’d really like to get involved in Wild Ones but with my schedule I don’t know if I could ever make the meetings.”  It was followed up with comments about working weekends and such. This is curious to me because we haven’t even set any dates yet.

My theory is that the people who show up or speak up get to make the decisions (like meeting days & times & locations) in organizations. Of course, it is not realistic to believe that we can pick dates that will work for everyone every time. But we will work hard to find dates that work for the majority. Maybe we will decide on a ‘regular’ meeting time on weekday evenings for lecture style programs with guest speakers. Or maybe it should be weekday lunches? Maybe special garden tours or garden meetings will be on a weekend morning or afternoon so that we can enjoy the landscape and study the plants. Or should we meet at a private garden in the evening to watch the sunset?  Maybe we will alternate meeting times during the first year or two and partner with other organizations to reach more people. I don’t know.

This leads me to my next question – What meeting days & times would work best for you? And, while we are at it what part of town (meaning the Denver-metro area) is easiest to meet? Just leave a comment on this blog and make your voice heard. The more people we hear from the better our chances of sprouting an active, successful Wild Ones chapter.

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3 Responses to When should we meet?

  1. Amelia says:

    Hello Susan,
    Just came upon this website and am interested in joining, but noticed that the last posted communication about organizing get-togethers, etc., was in 2010. Did anything come of it? Does the Front Range chapter still exist? I would love to meet other native plant enthusiasts.
    Thanks, Amelia

    • Amelia,

      We did have a meeting earlier this year at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. I apologize, I haven’t been keeping the website up to date very well this year, mainly due to some family emergencies that came up. We are a small bunch and I still have big aspirations for growing this group. I am in need of fellow native plant enthusiasts to help me kickstart things again! If you are interested, I’d love to meet sometime or chat on the phone. What part of the Front Range are you in or near?

      • Amelia says:

        Delighted to get a response from you, Susan — I feared that this group never materialized (but sorry about your family emergencies). I live in Idledale — not a lot of people know where that is — it’s the tiny little hamlet 4 miles west up Bear Creek Rd from Morrison. I have done nothing with my yard (nor did the previous owners) till just now and it’s a inglorious mix of wonderful natives and heinous exotics. In my former life I spent much of my free time native landscaping my yard in CA and realize now how important it is for my soul to get back into it. I also love botanizing and enjoy it even more with others — sadly, my favorite wildflower stalker pal just moved to DC. Anyway, sure, lets chat about how I might be able to help.

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